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Group trainings are a great way to learn side by side with others who are also seeking improvement, including your partner, family, and friends. Trainings will vary in length and format depending on the topic. Join the wait-list for any of the following areas you are interested in, and we will keep you informed as dates are released for that specific training.

Office Coffee Break

Success in the Work Place


To book a coach to offer training to your employees in the workplace, please complete the form below. We look forward to working with you and your specific needs.

Training Topics


The grief training helps individuals who have experienced loss to understand and navigate the grieving process. It will cover topics including coping strategies, self-care, and how to communicate with others about loss.



This stress and anxiety training helps individuals understand the causes, symptoms and effective management techniques related to stress and anxiety. It includes valuable resources and strategies to both cope and heal from debilitating anxiety and overwhelm.


This training teaches win-win parenting skills for creating boundaries, open and honest communication, instilling integrity, building self esteem, and teaching children to be respectful, responsible, and fun to be around!

Anger Management

This training helps individuals understand the causes, triggers and effective ways to manage and express anger in a healthy and appropriate way. It addresses communication skills, stress management, and understanding and regulating emotions.


The marriage and relationships training helps couples develop skills around healthy and effective communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy. Our couples leave feeling connected and empowered with the skills for continued growth and development within their relationship.

Personal Development

and Connection

This training focuses on self discovery and connection to oneself in order to then better connect with those around you. We will dive into understanding your own history, becoming more self aware, and emotionally resilient. Individuals will also learn effective communication skills, how to build and maintain healthy relationships, and motivational skills to continue in their own personal development journey.

Self - Esteem

This training is all about seeing the real you. Tools for navigating the inner self talk, prioritizing your own personal values, and embracing self love and acceptance will all be taught and expounded upon.


This training provides education on the causes, symptoms, and effective management techniques for depression, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and self-care practices. We will learn with each other through.

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