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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between coaching and counseling? Our coaching services are designed to help individuals discover the power within themselves to make positive changes in thought processes and behaviors, set goals, and ultimately understand and work toward their full potential. Coaches provide assistance through active listening and providing direct input and guidance in areas of concern and/or desired growth. Coaching does not provide a mental health diagnosis. Counseling provides a mental health diagnosis and treatment plan to assist in working through core concerns and working toward the healthiest version of yourself. Counseling assists to change self-destructive behaviors and work through intense emotions that may be impacting healthy living. If at any time, more intensive services are needed, our coaches may refer you to counseling services in your area.

The investment for services. One on one coaching session- $150/hr, due upon booking. Cash pay only. Trainings will vary depending on length and style of workshop presentation.

How do I know when different trainings are happening? Sign up to join the wait-list on any of the areas you are interested in, and when we schedule that specific training, you'll be the first to know! You can also follow us on Instagram (@proactiveliving23) and Facebook (Proactive Living).

Is coaching only one-on-one? Coaching can be designed one-on-one or for couples.

Do you offer any promotions? Yes! Depending on the training, promotions may be available. Follow us on IG and FB and/or subscribe to our email to be informed of any discounts and promotions. IG: @proactiveliving23 FB- Proactive Living or subscribe to our email list.

Where do coaching and trainings take place? Coaching sessions will be provided online using a hipaa compliant platform. Coaching is typically a short term service focused on specific areas of desired improvement. The number of coaching appointments will be determined by need. If more intensive services are needed, coaches may recommend and refer you to mental health counseling in your area. Trainings will be provided either in person (based in Southeast Idaho) or online, depending on specific training and interest.

What if I'm not sure where to start? We offer a FREE 15 min consultation for individuals to help determine what may be the best fit. Click the FREE CONSULTATION button to get started.

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